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Dance Classes for Children at our own studios in Preston.
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Dance Classes for kids in preston

Are you looking for a dance school in Preston that offers classes for children of all abilities and levels?

D&T Dance and Fitness is the perfect place to learn how to dance. We offer classes for fun, as well as exams and competitions.

Our goal is to build confidence in our students so they can take it further with exams or competitions if they choose. 

We are a friendly environment with no pressure on any student.

Come join us today!
Wide range of classes for all ages and abilities.
Build confidence whilst having a great time.
Qualified teachers who are supportive and friendly.

Street Dance

Streetdance is a type of dance that includes breaking, popping, house dance and waacking. It is one of our most popular styles at the studio.

Hip Hop

Hiphop is a culture and art movement that was created by African Americans, Latinos and Caribbean Africans in the Bronx. Hip-Hop is popular among our young dancers. Our hip-hop classes are held on Saturday mornings.


Contemporary dance is a popular genre of dance. Dancers can explore their freedom in expressive ways. It developed in the mid-twentieth century and is now one of the most dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world.


Lyrical dance is a style of dance that combines ballet, jazz and acrobatics. The dancer can use lyrics from the music to inspire their movements. Lyrical dancers also focus on strong emotion with precise movements.


Acro dance is a style of dance that combines the technique of classical dance with acrobatics. It is an athletic form of dance. It uses choreography that blends dancing and acrobatics together.

Latin Commercial

Latin commercial is a fun and exciting new dance style that fuses the Latin rhythms with ballroom, commercial, theatre and contemporary.


Commercial dance refers to any kind or style of dancing in pop artist live shows. There are many different types, such as hiphop, jazz and streetdance that can be worked into this category for commercial purposes.


Technique is the way a dancer uses basic physical movement to perform. Our technique classes focus on flexibility and movement for dancers, helping them progress in their art form!


Jazz dance is a modern dance that combines aspects of ballet and modern. Jazz also has its own unique movements. Jazz can be many different types, including Street Jazz, Classic, Commerical or Contemporary. It is important for dancers to have energy and accuracy as well as style in their dancing.

Cheer Dance

Cheer dance is the part of cheerleading that does not include tumbling or stunts. Cheer dance includes 3 parts: pom, hip hop, and line dancing. Cheer dance is fun and energetic!
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"Fabulous teachers and a great environment for kids to learn different styles of dancing, make new friends and build confidence."

"My daughter has been at D&T for two and a half years during which time her confidence and love of dancing has grown massively."

Why Choose Us?

Build Confidence

Build confidence and skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Lots of Opportunities

We offer exams, competitions, performances and other fantastic opportunities.

Excellent Teaching

Our qualified teachers create a friendly environment to make everyone feel at home.
"My daughter has been at D&T for two and a half years during which time her confidence and love of dancing has grown massively.

She started not knowing anybody and has made lots of new friends. D&T is a friendly, relaxed dance studio and I would definitely recommend"
"My two daughters love dancing here and the teachers are amazing and put a lot of effort in with the kids.

I also do some of the adult fitness classes and really enjoy these and feel motivated."
"The best dance school by far. Great selection of dance styles for all abilities.

Very warm & welcoming. Boost confidence & great opportunities with the best dance teachers.

Love this place."

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D&T Dance and Fitness

Aqueduct Mill
2nd Floor
Aqueduct Street
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Frequently Asked Questions

No - we offer all our dance styles to all levels no matter how much previous dance experience they have.
Our classes are pay as you go but some of our most popular classes are paid upfront for the month to secure your place.
Yes - we have lots of parking at the back of the studios.
Yes - all of our staff have the relevant qualifications and DBS checks.
Anything they feel comfortable in. Leggings, t-shirts, trainers are all absolutely fine. We don't push for uniforms but this is optional if you would like to order.
No, unless they are in our competitive dance teams.
Unfortunately no. However, if you wish for their first class you can stay in our waiting area.
We are a fun and friendly dance school, only wanting what is best for our students. We are a family and encourage all our dancers to enjoy dance.
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